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The project implementation has been completed.


Between March 2011 and the end of June 2012, all previously planned cultural and scientific events took place.


Let us recall the most significant events under the project: organisation of one museum exhibition, five cycles of craft workshops, a series of educational meetings for young people, a scientific conference together with publishing of post-conference publication, five concerts and workshops of medieval and renaissance music, two large outdoor events.

Owing to the diversity of events, many people of all ages and interests could benefit from the effects of the project because its programme included events intended both for general public and for scientists who are experts within the scope of research on the history of the Middle Ages and the Renaissance.

Educational events – craft workshops in the Ethnographic Museum conducted by craftsmen specialising in old crafts and educational meetings in the City Hall in Tarnów which constituted a valuable supplement to the history curriculum – were very popular among schools indicating the need for the implementation of this type of events in the future. The participants of those events were children attending primary and secondary schools as well as students of tertiary institutions. We are very pleased with the fact that each time the Museum was visited by groups from inclusive classes, groups from special training and educational centres as well as occupational therapy workshops. Apparent benefits, also in long-term perspective, include emphasising the existence of interesting educational and workshops offer, not only for children and young people and experience in working with mentally disabled people. Not without meaning for the number of participants in the events was the fact that majority of those events were free of charge (tickets were sold only for the European Knights' Meetings and the exhibition in Dębno). The implementation of the project considerably enriched the offer of the District Museum in Tarnów and introduced new and valuable elements to the cultural landscape of the city and the region.

The number, quality and intensity of project events resulted in high interest in the museum offer and also in events which were organised by the District Museum in Tarnów under its statutory activity.

In total, the number of participants in the project may be estimated between ten and twenty thousand people. Certainly, the participants were mainly from Tarnów and Małopolska but there were also many people from other regions of our country, as well as from Hungary, Slovakia and Czech Republic.

Every event under the project had its specific nature and objectives, which the organisers were trying to fulfil. The exhibition called "In military need", organised in the Castle in Dębno, gathered especially those who are interested in medieval weapons. Additionally, it integrated history enthusiasts engaged in the movement of historical reenactments, owing to which, the District Museum in Tarnów became a partner in the organisation and implementation of live history lessons based on workshops and demonstrations of soldiers' weapons and equipment. "European Knights' Meetings" were the culmination of those events and they attracted the attention of ten thousand people asserting at the same time the position of the Museum in Tarnów and confirming its organisational capacities within the scope of events.

The collective work "Religious and social culture of Małopolska from 13th to 16th century", a post-conference publication, was warmly and positively accepted, it presented, on more than two hundred pages, several scientific articles written by young employees of universities located not only in Małopolska. On one hand, this publication showed the intellectual potential of young scientific personnel, on the other, it comprehensively supplemented the knowledge about medieval and modern Małopolska.

This project was the first such vast and multi-dimensional challenge that was implemented in the District Museum in Tarnów. The experience of the project's authors allowed to select specific events to be successfully executed and create a schedule of their execution. New experiences gained during the project implementation shall be undoubtedly used by the Museum in the future.

Autumn of middle ages – spring of renaissance – series of cultural and scientific events 

The project is co-financed by the European Union under the Regional Operational Programme for Małopolska for 2007-2013.

The project is co-financed from the funds of the Małopolska Voivodeship.

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"Autumn of middle ages – spring of renaissance – series of cultural and scientific events".   Until July 2012, the District Museum in Tarnów shall organise events under the project...
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