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On Saturday, 9th June, a medieval fair called “Not one king did follow this route…” was organised on the Market Square in Tarnów.


On Saturday, 9th June, a medieval fair called "Not one king did follow this route..." was organised on the Market Square in Tarnów. People who visited the Market Square on that day had the opportunity to go back to the medieval times and see duels between knights, work of craftsmen, customs and even how ordinary everyday activities looked like in the old times.


Knights' shows were performed by "Gladii Amici" Brotherhood of Knights from Tarnów. The Brotherhood presented: demonstration of historic costumes, knighting, fights of knights and military formations, games and plays for children, firearms, a medieval machine used for throwing rocks, a fight in an inn, staging of Judgement Day, dances and games during medieval times, knights' tournament, tournament for the burghers of Tarnów, staging of a battle. All presentations were accompanied by understandable and interesting comments of the members of the Brotherhood.

Not less interesting was the all day long show called "A day in the life of a medieval town" performed by Cives Glogoviae 1253 who are a group of independent reenactors from Głogów. It was a demonstration of traditional crafts and various aspects of life of a medieval town. This programme included: presentations of work of comb makers, locksmiths, carpenters, washerwomen and seamstresses, demonstration of coin making process, presentations of work of surveyors, tallymen and scribes, performance of a theatrical troupe – including a puppet theatre, presentation of education in a parish school, demonstration of basics of medieval medicine, intervention of a medieval town guard, games and plays for children on the square – including a whip-top, hoop rolling, "catching a rat", board games for children in the master's house – nine men's morris, games with handkerchief, sheep and wolf, demonstration of medieval cuisine customs, presentation of tailoring and sewing of medieval clothes, burghers' mystery play.

There were also other attractions: making riveted mail armour demonstrated by Jerzy Sabat and making coins in a mint.

This event was even more attractive because of the fact that all reenactors performed in costumes corresponding to the historical reality and they also used old tools.

In the evening, at 8 pm, the event ended with an exceptional concert performed by a group called Pospolite Ruszenie. The group, by using classic rock instruments together with old instruments, presented a programme which appeared to originate from completely different worlds: old music and rock.

Autumn of middle ages – spring of renaissance – series of cultural and scientific events

The project is co-financed by the European Union under the Regional Operational Programme for Małopolska for 2007-2013.

The project is co-financed from the funds of the Małopolska Voivodeship.

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"Autumn of middle ages – spring of renaissance – series of cultural and scientific events".   Until July 2012, the District Museum in Tarnów shall organise events under the project...
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