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„Not one king did follow this route…” is an attempt to recreate the reality of fairs that took place in Tarnów during the times of Spycimir Leliwita and Jan of Tarnów. Without a doubt, the city was full not only of merchants ready for transactions but also, inside the town walls, there were jugglers spitting fire, acrobats, little theatres and also local, small merchants trying to make some money on the occasion of such an unusual event.

On 9th June, on the Market Square in Tarnów, there will be many historical reconstruction groups. The fights of heavy-armed and light-armed knights will be presented as well as the principles of knight’s life, the manner of using weapons and protective equipment. Perhaps it will be possible to participate in a duel and experience what in Medieval and Modern times was daily bread, especially for well-born men. During the fair, gunsmiths will also present their skills during the demonstration of the oldest firearms which occurred on the battlefields of Europe in the 15th century.

Undoubtedly, no less interesting  will be the all-day-long demonstration of traditional crafts which will be recreated with great care, accuracy and diligence by people who spend their time and money on tireless examination of history of craft technologies which, up to not so long ago, were indispensable for normal functioning.

The youngest participants of the fair will enjoy a puppet theatre referring in terms of content and form to shows organised in Medieval towns. The repertoire is based on old manuscripts whereas the acting and the visual part are based on the oldest descriptions and iconography.

In the evening, at dusk, the event will end with a concert of music which refers with its stylistics to the historical nature of this event. The musical guest of the evening is a surprise for now.

The Medieval Fair is the culmination of events in Tarnów connected with the implementation of the project called: „Autumn of Middle Ages – spring of Renaissance – series of cultural and scientific events” which was possible owing to the co-financing from the European Union under the Regional Operational Programme for Małopolska for 2007-2013 and from the funds of the Małopolskie Voivodeship.

The organisers also hope that the event called „Not one king did follow this route” will strengthen the offer for tourists visiting Tarnów by presenting the event on the most attractive and the most beautiful square in Tarnów and for the residents of Tarnów it will be an opportunity to participate in an interesting event on a Saturday in late spring.

The detailed plan of the fair will be presented soon.


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"Autumn of middle ages – spring of renaissance – series of cultural and scientific events".   Until July 2012, the District Museum in Tarnów shall organise events under the project...
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