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On 24th June 2012, the last event was organised under the project Autumn of middle ages – spring of renaissance – series of cultural and scientific events.


In the full of antiquities scenery of the Castle in Dębno, Early Music Ensemble, called Allegro, performed. The ensemble gave a concert called "Love and other songs... - Renaissance Music". This concert was the last one of the series of medieval and renaissance music concerts organised under the project.

The Early Music Ensemble called "Allegro" was established in 1983 by Ryszard Klein. Currently, it is run by Grażyna Klein-Jarasz and operates at the Community Centre No. 2 in Zabrze. The concerting group consists of two quintets and the entire group consists of 25 people. During many years of the group's activity, it performed at many festivals and won many awards. These include: two Gold, two Silver and three Brown Eola Harps at the National Festival of Early Music Ensembles Schola Cantorum in Kalisz, 1st award at the National Competition of Polish Early Music, the Main Prize of the President of the city of Radom, 1st Award at 50 Europees Muziekfestival voor de Jeugd in Belgium - Neerpelt 2002, Grand Prix at the Festival of European Union Member States and Poland, Zabrze 2002, the spectacle called "Early Music – Contemporary Rhythms – presentation" was nominated for the event of the year in the cultural life of Zabrze in the category of local achievements, 1st Award and 1st Commendation at the National Festival of Carols and Pastorals in Będzin, Grand Prix at the Voivodeship Festival of Culture – Katowice 1996, twenty one 1st commendations at the Voivodeship Festival of Culture in various categories including twelve "special" commendations. The Ensemble performed in Poland and in many European countries, including: Austria, Belgium, France and Hungary. The group's instruments include traditional instruments suitable for the presented repertoire: recorders, cornamuse, traverso flute, viola da gamba, shawms, renaissance lute, baroque guitar, percussion instruments and singing. The discography of the Allegro Ensemble includes a compilation of three CDs called "Prayers of the Jubilee" (CDs: "Penance", "Reconciliation", "Peace") and a CD called "Dances, songs, melodies on copies of old instruments".

Autumn of middle ages – spring of renaissance – series of cultural and scientific events

The project is co-financed by the European Union under the Regional Operational Programme for Małopolska for 2007-2013.

The project is co-financed from the funds of the Małopolska Voivodeship.

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"Autumn of middle ages – spring of renaissance – series of cultural and scientific events".   Until July 2012, the District Museum in Tarnów shall organise events under the project...
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