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Series of educational meetings for young

The District Museum in Tarnów holds a series of educational meetings for schoolchildren organised under the project „Autumn of Middle Ages – spring of Renaissance – series of cultural and scientific events” co-financed by the European Union under the Regional Operational Programme for Małopolska for 2007-2013 and from the funds of the Małopolska Voivodeship.

This series of meetings is held in the educational hall of the City Hall in Tarnów between 14 November and 16 December 2011.

Those meetings are based on seminars accompanied by presentations of replicas of knights’ equipment and armaments as well as multimedia mediums.

The subject of those meetings was established while taking into account the preferences of the meetings participants. Lessons scripts were prepared of which content level was adjusted to the history curriculum, age and individual interests of the participants.

The subject of those meetings covers broadly understood military history and the history of knights’ culture from the 13th to the 16th century. The meetings are conducted by persons with teaching qualifications and professional training for teaching history.


The subjects of the meetings:

„Chained in iron” – i.e. all about knights. Lesson devoted to the culture, customs and armament of knights.

„Poland during the times of the Jagiellonian dynasty” – lecture discussing the ruling of the Jagiellonian dynasty (the ruling of the House of Anjou in Poland, the Polish-Lithuanian union of Krewo, development of nobility’s privileges, peak of the power of the Jagiellonian dynasty).

„Wars of the Jagiellonian Dynasty” – presentation of the most important wars of the times of the Jagiellonian dynasty.

„Medieval arms race” – cold weapons and firearms used in battles and hunting between the 14th and the 16th century.

„Culture of the Medieval Poland” – meetings devoted to the art, architecture and sculptures of the Middle Ages with the presentation of the most important historic monuments in Poland. Court culture, education and old Polish historiography.

„Life in Medieval town and Medieval village” – discussing the development of a town, the system of power in a town, the Magdeburg Law. Description of village (three-field crop rotation, new face of rural society, development of agricultural tools). Description of feudal society.


The meetings are held between 14 November and 16 December 2011.

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"Autumn of middle ages – spring of renaissance – series of cultural and scientific events".   Until July 2012, the District Museum in Tarnów shall organise events under the project...
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